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Make a cheap call

Call now - Click here to make a call between any two numbers in the world. Compared to regular operators you will save 90% on mobile calls

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Cellular savings

Be mobile - Save upwards of 90% on international long distance from your mobile. You don’t have to be at a WiFi– save anywhere your cell has reception. International calls for pennies. Save on the go

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Russian Number for Skype

Like SkypeIn - Get a Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Nizhniy number to ring in your Skype wherever you are. Now your friends who don’t have Skype can dial a local number in Russia from any phone and reach your Skype.

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Call forwarding

Be local - Own a local number from New York ($5), Moscow ($15), Tel-Aviv ($10) or Forty Countries. Calls to that number find you anywhere in the world on any landline or mobile. Callers pay local rates

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Telphin is one of the leading VoIP Solutions providers specializing in long distance broadcalling for consumer and business at a fraction of the cost of regular providers. Founded in 2004, Telphin’s cutting-edge VoIP technology helps clients in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Israel and around the world, stay in touch while saving as much as 90% on their phone bill. Whether at home, at work, or traveling, Telphin offers a wide array of flexible services to anticipate your every need. You get more world for less.


With millions of people around the globe switching to VoIP communications, heaps of VoIP companies have sprouted overnight. Telphin, however, is one of the pioneers in the field with offices in the U.S., Russia, Latvia and Israel. Every product and service we offer has been engineered with people in mind--to make communication easy, convenient, and cheap.


Telphin’s trademark is its unique flexibility towards every client’s need. There are two flavors of VoIP companies. One of them, like Vonage, to give you a virtual number will make you to get a device, or like Skype, requires you to download their soft-phone.  The second type of companies - Virtual Number providers -- forward calls to mobile and land lines but can’t help you save on the outgoing calls via IP telephony.  Telphin does both at the same time packaging its services into uniquely individual format for each of its clients. With Telphin you can start with any service without signing contracts with high early termination fees. You can add or remove services and plans to and from your individual package whenever you feel like that or according to your business needs. We will make sure that you have the services that you benefit you at this particular moment.


Telphin’s unlimited calling to Russia, Israel, and the US, and attractive per-minute rates, replace the old-fashioned calling card. International calling cards are inconvenient requiring you to dial access numbers and pin codes and disconnect you in mid sentence when you run out of money. Phone cards, such as a “Calling Cards Russia” or “Calling Cards Israel,” are full of hidden charges and low voice quality. Telphin’s VoIP technology provides you with a cutting-edge solution, crystal-clear voice quality and dozens of free extra-value VoIP services. Call forwarding from virtual numbers all over the world makes it simple, cheap and convenient to stay in touch with friends and families abroad.


With Telphin you can receive your voice mail directly to your e-mail, have an answering machine with the convenient schedule and save money on long distance calls when you travel. A Telphin innovation is our Shared Number, which allows someone to dial one number in order to reach all members of the family or business. Telphin brings back the luxury of the good-old-fashioned family phone.


If you are Telphin’s client, you don’t need any more looking for a WiFi hot spot to make a cheap international call from your mobile – simply send an SMS to our number or order a call from the Internet Brouser on your cell. Our new software will allow you calling from your iPphone from any corner on the Globe where it has reception


So, embrace the next generation of IP communication and save money while being in touch with people around the world as if they were around the corner.